Meet Aaron the aarakocra oath of glory paladin who is a cloistered scholar! Aaron is a part of Kendra’s adventuring party as the paladin who follows them on their adventure to retrieve a relic of the Peliking (Pelican King, in opposition to the Raven Queen). He spends his days studying religious texts and leading PeliFit (Pelican CrossFit) for youth group for the Church of the Peliking. Aaron also attempts to spend time leading the Duck and Duckess’s (rulers of kingdom) child, Duke Jr., in youth group activities including PeliFit. Unfortunately for Aaron, Duke Jr. has no interest in CrossFit and instead spends time ditching their lessons with Kendra.

When suspicions arise around Kendra’s true motives and religious background, Aaron jumps at the chance to prove that they’re up to something nefarious (not at all influenced by his jealously that Duke Jr. likes Kendra more, not even a little bit). Armed with his harpoon and desire for glory, Aaron joins Kendra and Duke Jr. as they set out to retrieve a relic of the Peliking atop a mountain in Swan Lake guarded by ghostly swans.

Unfortunately we lost the video for this one – we’re pretty sad about it, but hopefully you can enjoy our drawings nonetheless.

Aaron drawn by Wing-Yee Aaron drawn by Wing-Sum