Meet Granny Mardred, the dwarven thief rogue who is an acolyte of Clangeddin Silverbeard, deity of honor in battle. Mardred works in a tourist church built into a hill as a front desk person and uses this position to steal jewels and other valuable items off of rich tourists. One day, a priest catches Mardred attempting to steal from the church itself and as an act of goodwill tells Mardred that she must volunteer to run the youth group church summer camp.

Once at the church camp, Mardred starts teaching the kids and counselors of the camp how to sneak and steal “in the name of Clageddin Silverbeard” at a beautiful adventure camp with treetop obstacle courses. Amongst those who attend camp are a set of twins, a scout rogue and an assassin rogue, who act as camp counselors and help Mardred steal expensive things from the church.

Granny Mardred drawn by Wing-Yee Granny Mardred drawn by Wing-Sum