Chaz Brickhead

Meet Chaz, a kobold cavalier fighter and acolyte, and his incredible steed Cheese the alpaca. Chaz dreams of one day preaching about the strength of the Big Dragon in the Sky (BDITS), but is unfortunately just better at fighting than preaching. Chaz, Cheese, and his buddy Thrax are wandering the desert searching for the temple of the BDITS and stumble upon an oasis pretending to be that temple.

A genie warlock who runs the Oasis recruits both Chaz and Thrax to be low level guards under the guise of serving the BDITS. However, they are inadvertently serving an elemental genie who believes that their followers are chosen since they reside at the Oasis where there are natural resources that are scarce elsewhere in the desert.

Thrax Rumblechaser

Thrax is a kobold life domain cleric who dreams of being a bounty hunter. Thrax is a cleric of the Big Dragon in the Sky (BDITS) searching for the temple in the middle of a desert and runs into Chaz and his steed Cheese looking for the same location. Thrax admires Chaz’s fighting skills which would be useful for a bounty hunter, but he is just better at healing.

One day while guarding the Oasis, run by a genie warlock who tricks them into thinking it’s the temple of the BDITS, Thrax and Chaz take a bathroom break when they’re not supposed to and overhear a meeting of the higher ups of the Oasis. The genie warlock reveals that their elemental patron seeks to take over the desert and spread their watery influence to convert followers of other deities including the BDITS. Thrax and Chaz must go on the run to unite the followers of the BDITS and hopefully gain an audience with them to stop the water elemental genie.

Chaz drawn by Wing-Yee Thrax drawn by Wing-Sum