Item 1: The Monk Shield

The Monk Shield allows a monk to expend ki points to gain shield as a reaction! 1 ki point gives 3 ac, 2 ki points give 4 ac, and 3 ki points give 5 ac. The monk shield is originally in bracer form with a mother of pearl fist emblem named Temperance, and when the shield is summoned it is a spectral shield with a hand in STOP position named Gustav!

Item 2: The Warhammer of Getting Hammered

This magical warhammer allows its wielders to add an effect to their swing. Roll a d4 at the start of your attacks to determine which of the following effects trigger:

1 just a lil vom: add 1d6 of acid damage 2 who turned on the lights?: target must make con save DC 15 or be blinded 3 whoops: target must make dex save DC 15 or be knocked prone 4 hold my beer: all attacks are reckless

Wielders must have a strength of 18 and must make a constitution saving throw of 15 to use the effects without punishment. If the user fails the con save, the effect also triggers on them (ex. 1d6 acid damage to BOTH wielder and target). If you roll a nat 1, you are incapacitated for the round.

The Monk Shield drawn by Wing-Yee The Warhammer of Getting Hammered drawn by Wing-Sum