Meet Sedric, a school of enchantment wizard earth genasi who is an athlete! While they went through extensive schooling to become an enchantment wizard, they’ve made a career as a roccer (rock soccer) player. Roccer, like soccer, involves kicking a ball into a goal, but instead of having team specific goals there are team specific balls with the team’s colors. Sedric is a veteran player who is not very charismatic so they use their enchantment magic to charm interviewers after games. Roccer traditionally does not allow for magic use, but recently those in charge are looking to introduce magic as a way to gain sponsors from producers of magical items. Sedric is trying to leave the sport, but due to their connection to wizardry, the team owner is attempting to keep them in contract. Joined by their publicist and recently fired coach (they didn’t want magic in the sport), Sedric attempts to leave the sport without burning too many bridges.

Sedric drawn by Wing-Sum Sedric drawn by Wing-Yee