Meet Tyger Cooks, a goliath gloom stalker ranger who is a survivalist celebrity (not unlike Bear Grylls). From a mountainous area, Tyger has mastered this terrain and has used his ranger skills (excluding any useful healing) and knowledge as a basis for a survivalist TV show. Unfortunately, this TV show disrupts the native plant people and Tyger is too concerned with the representation of goliaths on TV that he does not consider these consequences.

Tyger’s filming crew - a warlock producer, artificer camera person, and plant person cleric PA (personal assistant AND production assistant) - need a place to camp out and choose a spiritual site of the plant people: Big Tree. Big Tree is displeased with this intrusion and causes some physical damage to the area through its divine magic. The plant people vacate the mountain and occupy Tyger’s house in the city while he is filming. They offer him a deal: Tyger must work with the plant people to revitalize the area and can film this under the condition that they provide an accurate depiction of plant person culture.

Tyger drawn by Wing-Yee Tyger drawn by Wing-Sum