Meet Vinny Goodfortune (who may or may not be named after Vin Diesel), a dwarf school of graviturgy wizard who is also a gambler! Adopted by halfling parents who are naturally lucky, she trained in magic to also make herself lucky. Vinny uses her powers of manipulating gravity to rig games in her favor to make her living. During one of these games, she bets a powerful magic item (which she does not have) and unexpectedly loses. Now she must quest with her adventuring party, ent bodyguard (Grook), warforged bodyguard (the Iron Giant), and tiefling ex-boyfriend/auto mechanic (Demonic Toretto), to retrieve this item for (maybe more than a business associate) Dwayne “the Mithral” Johnson.

Vinny Goodfortune drawn by Wing-Yee Vinny Goodfortune drawn by Wing-Sum