Between the two streams we managed to create a character and a world. Meet Warren Squortle: a tortle merchant from a semi-aquatic world. He peddles pots and pans and other cookware as a prominent and involved member of the community. Various fish, frogs, tortles, and more lived together in peace, until an extra-planar invasion wreaks havoc in the form of extraction and pollution. Following a brutal attack by the invaders, Warren’s grandpapa perishes defending their storefront. Warren, using his grandpapa’s shell as a shield, takes up the holy quest to protect his homeland from the extra-planar invaders. Warren battles with a whole crew of ex-merchants: his barbarian grandmama, a supply-chain managing eel, and a delivery teen cavalier on their bike.

Warren Squortle drawn by Wing-Yee Warren Squortle drawn by Wing-Sum